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 Class of 1958

Did you have enough fun in 2008 that you'd like to do it again in 2013?  Let's have an informal weekend get-together on Long Island in July of 2013 to celebrate our 55th reunion. Maybe we can have a Long Island clam bake. Get in touch by emailing 2013@hix58reunion.com  and check back here as plans develop.  

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**Added below 4-17-2010: 25th reunion group picture.

    Now That's What We Call A Reunion!

      What a weekend! The Class of '58 celebrated its 50th reunion with three days of events starting Friday afternoon, September 19 and ending Sunday, September 21, with a brunch. And did we have fun! Friday, Hicksville High School opened its doors and hearts to our class, with a reception and tours led by members of the National Honor Society. About 40 members of our class were able to make the afternoon event. The old school still looks great! It's bigger, but beautifully maintained, so much so that it was easy to imagine yourself back in the 50s. 

     The District went all-out in welcoming the class, with Superintendent Maureen Bright and principal Brijinder Singh on hand to bring us up-to-date on the school, its programs, and students. (Hicksville High School now draws its students from several dozen countries. This fall, Mandarin Chinese was added to the language program!) The Class of '58 was honored to present the school with the first of two checks, $2,500, to which another $1,000 is being added, money that will be used to fund a project of long-term importance, the Superintendent said. Class members each received folders (black and orange, of course), a pennant and bumper sticker and a chance to sample the wonderful assortment of cakes and cookies and punch before and after the tours. Later, class members gathered at the Holiday Inn for some pre-dinner cocktails and conversation and returned later for dancing and more chit-chat.

     On Saturday, more than 130 people, nearly 90 of them members of our class, gathered for a delightful evening of food, 50's music, and fun. Highlights included a fun awards ceremony (see photos), a Power Point show created by classmate Jeff Vogel, and a movie of our actual graduation ceremony. The food and service at the Holiday Inn were great. The room was decorated with black and orange balloons on each table, and a display of Class memorabilia added to the fun. After dinner, but before dessert, the DJ turned up the music and the room emptied onto the dance floor for a turn at rockin' and rollin'! And when "New York, New York" was played, it signaled an impromptu kick-line! A professional photographer snapped a photo of the class, which we expect to receive in a few weeks.

     Everyone who attended received a specially-created CD that included a 78 page Class Directory with photos, names and addresses and e-mail addresses plus personal biographies about the last 50 years. The CD also includes a geographical breakdown of the class, by state and city and a map; the Comet '58 Yearbook, cover to cover; the entire power point show; and the graduation film footage. On Sunday morning, about 50 people gathered for brunch in the Holiday Inn dining area, trading stories, addresses and memories before leaving for home. 

     One note: www.hix58reunion.com will continue into the future, carrying news and photos of our class. It is also the easiest way to contact the handful of classmates who chose not to be listed in the directory. Contact us and we will contact them to let them know you'd like to get in touch. We also encourage you to look at our sister site, wwwhixnews.com for a broader view of alumni activities. 






50th Reunion Committee:  Dr. Alex Althausen (SC), Matthew Callaghan (NY), Phil Cotsonas (NY), Jim Cunningham (AR) John Cunningham (AR), Armand DeRose (NY), Kathleen Donovan Agiesta (NY), Roger Downey (NM), Steve Dunefsky (FL),  Linda Frimmer Whitlock (FL), Henry Goodman (FL), Louise Laino Mannett (NY), Gail McClusky Abreau (CA), Patricia McGrath Melis (NY),  Rita Mallett Papazian (CT), Patricia Meehan Welles (CT), Nancy Neglia Martirano (NY), Al Magill (NY), Al Notaro (NY), Vicky Penner Whitaker (IL), Pat Rankel Losciale (NY), Carol Rocek Sigloch (NY), Frank Parker (Canada), Marcia Rubinstein Pollack (NJ), Richard Sneckenberg (CA), Carol Stillwaggon Stelmach (NY), Jeff Vogel (NY), Anita Uhlich Basile (NH), Gerry Visalli Ferri (CA), Joy Watson Haller (FL), Pamela Weickmann Swanson (AZ), Janet Wilson Moeller (NY), James Wise (TX), Marilyn Zeiher Reinhardt (NY), Ed Zivica (OR), Diane Schultz Bessel (NY), Charles Glaser  (NY).


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You can use hix58reunion@gmail.com to contact reunion committee members or a classmate (if they have e-mail, we'll let them know you're looking for them and will forward your message).

 Click here to see the Class of 1958 list as we currently know it. If your name is missing or spelled incorrectly, let us know!

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NEW! Photos from the 25th reunion.

The 25th Reunion group picture.



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